Friday, May 21, 2010

Unique Opportunity For ME......and Soon For YOU!!!!!

The gracious people at CSN Stores have offered me an automatic "Presto Cool Touch Electric Tilt' N' Drain Big Griddle" to review. With 200+ stores, CSN carries everything from cookware to Sofas.

I was pretty excited about this offer because as many of you know, my husband works shifts and this is wonderful for making big "Breakfasts for Dinner" and for taking away when we "travel with our friend camping"! I am definitely looking forward to not having to use 3 pans to cook breakfast or any other meal for that matter, great for burgers, pork chops, absolutely anything! Thanks for asking me CSN!!!

NOW FOR THE BEST PART, YOU are going to have a CHANCE WIN this griddle for yourself in a few weeks from the generous sponsor keep checking back!

Please leave me a comment.......I hope you are excited as I am about having the chance to win this wonderful griddle.....Keep checking back for the contest about a month or so!!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sorry I have been MIA

Even though we had a wonderfully short winter, and not much snow, it still seemed so long!  But its over now and the grass is green, the gardens need planted, a pond needed built, and kids need to be outside playing!  I am not one of those girls who stop scrapbooking in the summer, but I do get distracted by the sunshine and the family fun....also I am preparing for the sold out retreat my friend Karen and I are hosting in June...and preparing for our annual "adults only" vaction to the NASCAR race in Michigan....