Saturday, January 2, 2010

Friday, January 1, 2010

My Goalie

This is my little Goalie, we are so very proud of him!
This is his 3rd year as a goalie!

New Years Eve Tradition

Traditions are not meant to be broken, so like every year since our children were born, we stayed in for New Years Eve, and Rang in 2010 at home.  I always cook a meal that lasts the whole evening, starting with shrimp cocktail, then salad...we watch a movie for awhile...then we have the main course of steak and baked potato...the when we can actually eat it...we finish with fresh lobster...and watch the rest of our movie.  My Children may have to eat Kraft Dinner for the next week, but at least they had their traditional New Years Dinner! 

Don't you just love the formations that wax creates as it melts!

Happy New Year

Happy New Years to all My Family, Friends, and Fellow Blogers!
I hope 2010 Brings wonderful things into everyones lives!
Please keep the Men and Women Proudly Serving
in the Military over seas in our Prayers!
Live your life Glass Half Full, Positive attitude is everything!
Don't Sweat the little things, pick your battles wisely!
Appreciate the people around you, don't pick them apart!
Love the way you want to be loved!
Hug someone, for no reason!
Make your day happy everyday, for yourself!
Make 2010 Your Year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Frog'n complete!

This is my completed "Frog'n" Layout!

Hopefully I have found my scrapbooking inspiration and it will just be uphill from here!  I have so many pictures that need to be scrapbooked. I don't scrapbook them all though and I don't leave them in boxes either. Close to my heart has album pages that hold 6 standard photos on each side just like a photo album, I tuck these in between my layouts with the remainder of my photos and then nothing gets wasted or stuck in a box! They are one of my favorite products sold by Close to my Heart!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Frong'n (part 1)

Over the past couple of years, I, like most of the ladies I do paper craft's with, have spent most of my time focusing on cards, they are fast, they are beautiful, and addicting!  For me though my heart belongs to scrapbooking!  In 2010 I plan to focus more on my scrapbooking! Catch up on my kids books, my family books, and my Christmas book! But of course there will still be some time for a few cards here and there!

This is page one of two (two is not done yet), it is about my childrens love of catching frog's (especially my daughter) at the pond down the road!

Sunday, December 27, 2009