Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 6 "Mucks Pond"

Things are coming very nicely in my Makayla's pond, I went out to feed her fish this moring many of the frog's were out sunning themselves, and only one hopped back in while i feed the fish and went back to the house, got the camera, and took photo's of them.  This afternoon I planted lillies in pots to put in the water, I actually had to scoot them out of the way so I didn't hurt them, I had to drop a big rock in the water to set the pot on.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Scrapbooking Getaway 1 hr from Toronto

Date: June 4, 5, 6

Arrival Time: 1:00 Thursday Check in

Departure Time: 2:00 Sunday Check out


* Accommodations - Single or Double – Hotel Quality

* Meals in Dining-Room, plus snacks

* Small Thank You Gift from Kelli and Karen

*Free Make’n takes



add $10 if you wish to come Friay morning and join us for lunch.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Flower Tutorial #1 - Paper Peony

Peonies are beautiful full flowers that start as tight balls, which are opened with the help of ants and other insects in your garden, and open into stunning soft flowers.

You need three scalloped circles (size depends on you size preferance-the larger the circle the larger the flower) and one strip of paper scalloped at the top.

punch or free hand cut your scalloped circles (3)
at this point if you wish you can sponge colour onto your flower

Cut inwards between each petal

take a rounded tool, I just used a kitchen spoon and start at the outside of the petal (laying on a soft work matt or a mouse pad) and pull inward, it will round the petal upwards and in toward the centre

take the flower in your hand and squish the petals inward toward the centre and release

use the same technique with your tool or spoon to curl the petals on the streight paper, then petal by petal rool the streight paper to the end.

place one round flower on your work surface, put a drop of your favorite glue  ( mine is liquid glass by Close to My Heart ) in the bottom of the flower, set in your next flower, more glue, your third flower, more glue then your rolled piece.  Again squish your flower together and hold it for a minute.

Then you have a lovely Paper Peony for you next project!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Pond Day Two

Well today is day two of "Muck's Pond"!

It turns out Daddy and I had the same idea, we both went out (seperatly) and bought fish for the pond (mine are bigger!), plus I bought a floating plant that you can see in the water, it apparently just lives like that and will multiply.  Now we have 20 fish and a dozen froggies in the pond! I also learned you can dig up any "iris or "lilly", plant them in chemical free soil, in a pot, and place it in the pond water and it will grow.  So, you guessed it, I am off to dig up  lillies for the pond so I can get rid of the fake furns!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sick Kids Layout #2 - Glamed up!

New Glamed up Layout!

A few posts back is where I origionally posted this layout, minus the rinestone swirls.  I am not a believer in going back and changing layouts once they are done, but this one just kept yelling to me,
 "I am not done yet",
so I re-visited it and added some sparkle.  Now it feels finished.

Origional Plain Layout!

Creativity "Outside" - "Muck's Pond"

As most of you "my blogger friends" know, my daughter had an accident (a really badly broken arm).  Her recover period is going to extend over most of the summer leaving her with "Zero" sports options, except swiming.  Down the road from us is a natural pond and stream, my kids spend alot of time there and bring home dozens of frogs (yestereday they had 40, yes I said 40), which for the past few summers have lived in buckets and pails, until I finally order them back to the pond for release. 

Well my husband decided Friday he would build her a pond she could keep her friends in a much nicer enviornment than a pail, we are hoping it will make up for her lack of sports options this summer, and keep her happy and busy.

So Welcome to the beginnings of "Muck's Pond"

My husbands name for her since she was a baby is "Muck"!

This is one of her little friends investigating his new home!

You can see two more of her froggies here, one is hiding under the fake ferns I had to incorporate for now!  They need shade and somewhere to hide, this is the best I could do for now, I plan to get her some water plants and more lillies for the outside, but fake is better than nothing for now.