Saturday, April 17, 2010

Glimmer spay paint! Techniques and Tips with Close to My Heart Products!

Creat your own Glimmer paint in seconds and for pennies!
Curious, read on!

This glimmer spray paint is super shinny and glittery when light reflects one way on it.
Then you see the rich close to my heart colour when the light reflects another way.
Still curious, read on!

It' very scientific!! Not! Very Simple! Yes!

Mix 50 % Create a Shade Glimmer paint by Close to My Heart
50% alcohol (you can get it at you local $1 store)
and as much Colour Re-inker in your Favorite Close to My Heart Shade
to get your desired colour in a small spary bottle (again your local $1 store)
shake it up really well and you get a fabulous glimmer spay paint
that you can use for many different projects!

Simple, Cheap, Beautiful!

Kelli & Karen's Scrapbooking Club and help you with all of your
Close to My Heart needs, just email
to play an order for your Create a shade paint and re-inkers.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Close to My Heart Colour Tracking Chart

I hope you find this chart helpful in tracking you personal supplies.
If you would like a excell version please email me as I am not sure how to post it here in excell.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thanks for your patients!

Dear blogger friends,

Thank you for your patients with my "lack of posts".  Since my daughters hospitalization I have not had the time or focus for my "paper crafting life".  You don't realize how much your children do for themselves and around the house until they can't do it anymore.  Like: dress themselves, cut their meet, poor their drinks, do up seatbelts.......helping with unloading the dryer or dishwasher.....WOW, its like stepping back in time.

She is definatly improving everyday, her cast (cast #3) as been removed and the and the rods have been removed from her elbow and arm.  She has hardly any range of movement in the elbow but it should improve everyday.

Her arm and elbow are super sensitive and we have to be sure it does not get banged, or reinjured.  That means this no gym, no sports, no 4-wheeler, no bike, no anything for 3+ months.....can you say board child.

Anyway, I have not forgotten my blogging frineds, I am just needed more than ever!  I will postg when I can!