Thursday, May 7, 2009

Inspired by " My LOVE of Fairies"

This beautiful little Fairy arrived in the mail today from these little fairies have
stolen my heart, and since my new prismacolor pencils arrived
Tuesday, I could not wait to colour her!


dolcreations said...

Great colouring Kelli..
How many little Fairies did you have come in the mail? How do you like your prisma pencil crayons? I have a few I just bought and I'm having a hard time sharpening them. How about you, any troubles?
Hope your day yesterday was special and everyone spoiled you!!!

Karen Wilson said...

Very nice Kelli! Had a nice visit today and so glad you liked your card!

Do you have more fairies coming? Would love to see more!

kelli said...

Thanks for your nice works ladies. I bought 2 fairies, a little moon, and three little mushroom's and as a "thank you for buying gift" she through in another fairy! I could have bought them all but its all about the budget, but they are my new favorite, sorry Riely the moose. LOL. Susana asked me to sent her my cards to display on her site also, so once they are glittered up and on a card or layout I will send the off to her.

kelli said...

I was working on a card last night and ruined the fairy, I was so put off with myself! I guess its back to colouring!!!!

kelli said...

I had put red glitter pen on the berries in her hair, and picked it up and smugged it all over her face! I could not believe it! was not my night!