Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Who Am I - Post nine - Wedding Again!

This has a very distressed background, lots of glitter and flowers of the same colour! The pearls and daisies really bring thru that wedding feel.

This is 1997, a time in my life where there were lots of changes!

In a matter of a year we;

Got Married

Purchased Our First Home

Got Pregnant with our first baby

and miscarried for the first time.

Wow, a lot in one year! This is also when I packed on most of this weight I am carrying around. My dress is beautiful, it's one of a kind, designed and made just for me. I choose everything down to the last pearl! But when I look at it now, I realize, I was shopping for the "fat girl" covering up everything! I remember saying the sleeve needs to be a little longer, a little longer, maybe a little longer......Lord knows it was so hot you could barely breath on the beach were we got married......but I needed to be covered up.....If I could do it over, let me tell you I would be wearing a much cooler dress, still very formal and detailed but maybe strapless or tank style at the top, and my poor husband could them be dressed in linen pants and a nice shirt blowing in the breeze instead of a tux....Its a matter of excepting ourselves for who we are, and becoming comfortable in our own skins.

Now in saying that, I loved my wedding and my pictures in very formal attire on the beach, I think they are stunning, but oh man were we hot!!!!