Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mug #5

I did this mug with a "Magnolia Stamp".
I was introduced to this stamp line by my dear friend Christine and every time I look at a "Magnolia" image I think of her.


Karen Wilson said...

These have all turned out really great, Kelli! You're doing a great job with them.

dolcreations said...

Your mugs are turning out great! So does this mean this one is for me!LOL I loved the hockey trainer one too!

Jennifer said...

Love how all your mugs turned out! TOO CUTE!! Can you tell me where you get the porcelain potch?? Thanks!

Kelli said...

I was just made aware of another place you can order the potch, happy crafting everyone!

Diana said...

I love the things you do on your blog ..BUT i MUST know how you did this cup ?? how do you do that PLeeeeeeeeeeease tell
thanks diana

Kelli said...

I am always happy to share! There is a product called Porzellan Potch by Hobby Line. It is made in Germany and you can only get in from international websites in not available in North America. If you look a couple of comments up you will see a web site. 1st I stamp on white tissue paper with Stazon ink the image I want to use, then I colour the image with my Prisma colouring pencils. I brush on one layer of the Porzellan Potch, carefully apply a layer of Porzellan Potch over top of the image (similar to doing mog pog) then you bake in the over at a low temp for 90 minutes. It is then dishwasher safe!! I will be making some in the very near future and will post them

Thanks for Looking at my blog!