Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bunnie Update

Let me tell you something, these babies are allot of fun and allot of worry!
Bugg's babies are getting so big and are so darn cute! She feeds them like a good mommy no matter who is in the room she takes amazing care of those little beauties.
Carmal on the other hand is a "closet feeder"! She will not feed if anyone is around. So I keep thinking she is not feeding them, I actually put Bugg's in with Carmals babies hoping she would feed them but she didn't.  I have now caught a couple of glimpses of Carmal feeding random babies, but not all of them at once.  She worries me. The babies look fine, but they don't seem to be growing as fast as Bugg's babies. It is possible that Bugg's had her babies a day earlier than we think, that would make a difference. So far, so good with Carmals litter, they are all surviving, some are chubbier than others, but I will just keep my fingers crossed.  Carmal is a little more nervous of a Bunnie than Bugg's so she may just be more shy about feeding. Everything I read says rabbit ignore their babies as not to draw attention/danger to them.

Bugg's stands over all her babies as all the websites I have read discribed she would. Carmal seems to lie on her side like a cat and let them wiggle over to her, from what little I have caught a peak of anyway.  I am just keeping my fingers and my toes crossed.

I have no new pictures yet today, as when I was getting ready to leave the house Bugg's was feeding her babies and I peaked at Carmal and was happy to see one of her babies feeding. So I did not want to disterb her by taking pictures.  I will take some tonight and post them.