Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Victoria Day Everyone! Lots of Picutes, keep scrolling down!!

I hope your Victoria Day weekend was as much fun as ours was!

It is our annual trip to Lagoon City.

We have a group of 5+ families that travel together with the big travel trailers and 5th wheels. Every May 24 weekend we bring the trailers up to Kevin's (the husband of one of our group of 5 and one of our best friends) parents cottage (mansion) in Lagoon city to camp for the weekend. The property is huge, beautiful and close to home.  We have the chance to get the trailers out for the first time of the year and make a dry run of it, every family always forgets something they have packed away for the winter, but it's our weekend to figure our what we need to add to the trailers for the rest of the season.  Lagoon city is far enough south to ensure no bugs (black flies), there is lots of fishing for the kids, a beautiful sand beach, hot tub, safe community for bike riding and if the weather is bad plenty enough room for all of us and you would never know you had 30 people handing out in the same house. Two of the families bring their golf carts so we go golf cart yard saling Saturday morning which is so much fun in that little canal/lakefront community and we also use them for going to the beach.....

We are so thankful for our standing yearly invite to such a wonderful place, with a great group of friend's!

My Makayla soaking up the rays at the beach!

 My Cameron building a sand castle!
(all the kids helped) 

Makayla loves fishing so she helped the little ones all weekend long. 

Not sure how this started but the boys were riding the bike off the dock into the lagoon.

This is Cameron.

After their little trips in to the lagoon via bicycle, they needed a little dip in the hot tub.

Happy Birthday Emily!

Thanks Uncle Kevin for the great fireworks!

Everybody likes sparklers.

A afternoon game of ladder ball.