Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Who Am I - Post five

This is post 5 of my book dedicated to my life’s journey, here you will find Photo's of my husband and I pre marriage. The top layout is a formal photo taken at the wedding of my husband’s brother, we had the privilege of standing up for two wonderful people that day as the pledge their love for each other! The bottom layout shows photo's in a span of about 4 years I suppose. It is in the photo where I am wearing the wet suite you can see some of the weight I have gained is starting to creep on. has a challenge right now called the "Something New" Challenge. I am submitting these layouts as my something new, and I will list what makes them "Something New";

- I have never used a 9x9 book before

- I have never used the Close to My Heart

"Simple Snapshot" album pages before

- Creating a book dedicated to "Me" is defiantly New

- Facing my weight issues in a pictorial and

in a public form on line is defiantly New

- Me in 2010 - I am working on a New improved me

So I believe with all the things listed these layouts, and all the others in the "Who am I" series most defiantly fit into this challenge! They are not my most creative work, but they are my most honest work!

Wish me luck!


dolcreations said...

Wow...this is awesome Kelli! It sure is amazing the journey our lives have all taken! Each and everyone of us has a story they say...and when you do this kind of is so true! The pictures are adorable too. I like how you layout your pictures so they actually are not lost with a lot of embellishments.

Noel said...

Great job Kelli!! :) You really stretched yourself for this challenge... way to go!!