Saturday, February 27, 2010

Porzellan Potch Mug #1

This is Riley the Moose, stamped with stazon on to tissue paper and coloured with my prizma colour pencils with mineral spirits. I then trimmed the excess tissue paper off, applied a coating of Porzelan Potch on the mug, placed the coloured image onto the Porzelan Potch, the brushed another coat over top of my coloured image. You bake your mug in the over at 130 Celsius for 90 minutes.

Vowla, a dishwasher safe personalized mug!

My journey or obsession, what ever you want to call it started last summer when I first saw one of these mugs done. I am not exaggerating when I say it took me months to find an English site where I could order it. This product is made in Germany and sold in Europe. But eventually I found a site it Cyprus that was English and ordered it and had some shipped to me (and two of my friends).
This is my first attempt at the technique!
So far I am very impressed. 

They also sell a similar product for candles (of course I bought it a matching cup, mug and card sounds great to me), and for fabric.

I can see many of these mug or other porcelin pieces in my crafting future! What great gifts you can create!  I am picturing thank you gifts for teachers, Christmas gifts, mothers day.........


Michelle said...

Thats such a cute little fella, dropping in via clips and cuts blog hop:-)

Lim said...

Oh WOW!!! All your mugs are amazing! I want to try this technique. Could you please let me know the site where I can order the porzellan potch?

LIM :)