Sunday, April 25, 2010

Creativity "Outside" - "Muck's Pond"

As most of you "my blogger friends" know, my daughter had an accident (a really badly broken arm).  Her recover period is going to extend over most of the summer leaving her with "Zero" sports options, except swiming.  Down the road from us is a natural pond and stream, my kids spend alot of time there and bring home dozens of frogs (yestereday they had 40, yes I said 40), which for the past few summers have lived in buckets and pails, until I finally order them back to the pond for release. 

Well my husband decided Friday he would build her a pond she could keep her friends in a much nicer enviornment than a pail, we are hoping it will make up for her lack of sports options this summer, and keep her happy and busy.

So Welcome to the beginnings of "Muck's Pond"

My husbands name for her since she was a baby is "Muck"!

This is one of her little friends investigating his new home!

You can see two more of her froggies here, one is hiding under the fake ferns I had to incorporate for now!  They need shade and somewhere to hide, this is the best I could do for now, I plan to get her some water plants and more lillies for the outside, but fake is better than nothing for now.


dolcreations said...

What a fantastic idea and a great home for your toads! I think Mikayla will love this! Great scrapbooking material that is for sure! I love the layout before you added the rhinestones...but I can see why you added them! A very nice layout that is for sure!

Kelli said...

We are hoping it will help her get "range of motion" back in her arm, right now it is very little, and with any luck while she is reaching for her frogs she will use the arm with out noticing. Our own personal physo thearopy.