Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Flower Tutorial #1 - Paper Peony

Peonies are beautiful full flowers that start as tight balls, which are opened with the help of ants and other insects in your garden, and open into stunning soft flowers.

You need three scalloped circles (size depends on you size preferance-the larger the circle the larger the flower) and one strip of paper scalloped at the top.

punch or free hand cut your scalloped circles (3)
at this point if you wish you can sponge colour onto your flower

Cut inwards between each petal

take a rounded tool, I just used a kitchen spoon and start at the outside of the petal (laying on a soft work matt or a mouse pad) and pull inward, it will round the petal upwards and in toward the centre

take the flower in your hand and squish the petals inward toward the centre and release

use the same technique with your tool or spoon to curl the petals on the streight paper, then petal by petal rool the streight paper to the end.

place one round flower on your work surface, put a drop of your favorite glue  ( mine is liquid glass by Close to My Heart ) in the bottom of the flower, set in your next flower, more glue, your third flower, more glue then your rolled piece.  Again squish your flower together and hold it for a minute.

Then you have a lovely Paper Peony for you next project!


Kelli said...

I am going to try this with tissue paper! I will let you know how it turns out!

Michelle said...

WOW!! I'm excited to make my own paper peony and I hope it would turned out as beautiful as yours. :)